5-imageDon’t let politicians fool you. Gun violence is not a “mental health” problem. It’s an “easy-access-to-guns” problem. All societies have individuals with mental health issues–but they don’t have the gun deaths the U.S. has because in their societies, guns aren’t easy to get.

So what can you do about gun violence?

1. Contact your Congressional representatives today to demand that they follow New York’s lead by supporting comprehensive criminal background checks and regulating military-purposed assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines. Call their offices now and send them an electronic message. 

2. Vote for and support candidates who are strong on the issue. Don’t give politicians a pass. Vote only for those candidates who are committed to fighting gun violence. Withhold your vote from any candidate who is not.

3. Learn about the issues. Follow NYAGV on Facebook and Twitter and watch for our email alerts. Check the NYAGV website and read about the issues, research reports, and news.

4. Spread the word. Tell your friends and colleagues about gun violence issues and proposals to reduce it. Share articles and posts on social media. Hold a house party or a meeting at your church, synagogue or community group. (NYAGV will work with you to provide materials and a speaker. Contact NYAGV for more information.)

5. Join the fight. Support organizations like New Yorkers Against Gun Violence that advocate for strong gun laws to help keep us safe from gun violence. Click here to give your support today.

The overwhelming majority of Americans support common-sense gun laws that will reduce gun deaths and injuries. Let’s work together to make sure our politicians listen to us–and not to the corporate gun lobby. Thank you!