legislative advocacy to reduce
gun violence since 1993

The Gun Violence Problem

Each year in the U.S., over 30,000 Americans are killed by gun violence – suicides, homicides and accidental shootings–and more than 70,000 are injured. Felons, domestic abusers and the seriously mentally ill continue to have easy access to firearms and ammunition due to weak federal gun safety laws.

With a primary focus on New York State and its residents, NYAGV advocates at all levels of government for laws, policies and practices that protect New Yorkers from gun violence. Below are the sensible gun safety measures NYAGV is fighting for.

Also see the NYAGV Resources page for gun violence facts and figures and the role of guns in suicides, domestic violence, accidental shootings, child gun deaths, and more.

NY: Child Access Prevention

NY: Child Access Prevention

PROBLEM: Researchers have found that millions of children live in homes with easily accessible guns. The presence of unlocked guns in the home increases the risk of accidental gun injuries, intentional shootings and suicides. New York State currently has no law specifically penalizing a person who enables a child to access a firearm. Read more... Read More
NY: Defending the New York SAFE Act

NY: Defending the New York SAFE Act

In January 2013, Governor Cuomo signed the New York SAFE Act—Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act—giving New York one of the strongest gun safety laws in the country, with provisions to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals and to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.  (Click here for a summary of the... Read More

NY: Microstamping to Help Law Enforcement Solve Gun Crimes

THE PROBLEM: Gun crimes provide criminals with the safety of distance and often result in fewer witnesses and less crime scene evidence than other types of crimes. The deadly threat of gun crimes also frequently instills fear of retaliation in witnesses and discourages them from coming forward. Homicides using weapons have a national clearance rate... Read More

Federal: Strengthen Gun Trafficking Laws and Enforcement

PROBLEM: Each year thousands of guns purchased legally make their way into the hands of criminals through straw purchasers* and corrupt dealers. Insufficient federal enforcement enables corrupt dealers to stay in business.  The U.S. Senate voted down an amendment to strengthen gun trafficking laws in April 2013. SOLUTION: Strengthen enforcement against gun dealers who skirt... Read More

Federal: Bans on Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines

PROBLEM: Since the expiration of the assault weapons ban in 2004, there has been a proliferation of militarized assault weapons capable of holding 20, 30, 40, or even 100 rounds in a single ammunition magazine. These assault weapons and high capacity magazines have been used in a number of mass shootings, including the recent tragedy... Read More

Federal: Universal Background Checks

PROBLEM:  A gaping hole in federal law enables dangerous individuals to avoid background checks altogether by purchasing firearms from private sellers, at gun shows and through online gun sites that are not required to perform background checks on buyers. In addition, due to lax enforcement in some states, millions of records of violent offenders and... Read More