The Las Vegas shooter was able to kill and injure almost 600 people because he was able to purchase automatic weapons designed to kill multitudes of people quickly.

Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines were illegal from 1994-2004, when Congress and the George W. Bush administration allowed the ban to expire. A report published last year, “Mass Mayhem: Mass Shooters and Assault Weapons,” by the non-partisan Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, concludes that the assault weapons ban was effective in preventing mass shootings, and that since the ban expired, the number of Americans killed from mass shootings with assault weapons has tripled.

Anyone set on committing mass murder, whatever the reason, whoever the target–have come to realize that in many U.S. states, it’s easy to get their hands on these deadly weapons. These weapons have no place in our communities.


We must demand that Congress act now to pass common sense gun laws to protect American citizens.

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